K-9 Immunity for dogs.

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K-9 Immunity™

          Cancer is an immune dysfunction disease.  It is a failure of the body to recognize irregular cells as invaders.  Aloha Medicinals Inc., the creators of K-9 Immunity™, specializes in immuno-modulator compounds for use in cancer patients to try and correct this error.  K-9 Immunity™  is a veterinary grade formula specifically intended for use in dogs fighting cancer.  It is made from the same pharmaceutical grade immuno-modulating compounds as their human grade Immune Assist  but packaged specially for dogs.  K-9 Immunity™  was first developed for Seeing Eye dogs being treated for cancer, and is now available to clinics, veterinarians and direct to the public.  K-9 Immunity™ has been used in over 8600 dogs with cancer to date with outstanding success.  Talk to your vet to see if immune supplementation may help your pet, or you can order direct and get started today! 

K-9 Immunity™ contains a class of immune-modulator compounds called hetero-polysaccharides, including PSK, PSP and Lentinan, which are the three most widely used anticancer compounds in the world today.  This formula contains also nearly 200 other closely related polysaccharide which trigger other aspects of immune function.  These compounds are sometimes referred to as glyconutrients, and are required for moncler donna correct immune function in all mammals.  K-9 Immunity™ is available in the USA (and many other countries) without a prescription.  K-9 Immunity™ is an all-natural, non-toxic daily supplement made from 100% USDA Certified Organic materials.  It is made in America at Aloha Medicinals' FDA registered facility to the highest pharmaceutical standards.  If you are outside the USA, increased shipping charges will apply.

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Recommended Dosage: 1 capsule per 10 lbs per day.   Contains 84 capsules.


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