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Graviola  by Regalabs 650 mg. Annon Muricat(body)

As quoted from the Wellness Directory of Minnesota:
Graviola comes from the deep rainforest jungles along the Amazon. Its various parts, including the leaves, roots, fruit, fruit seeds, and bark, have been used for centuries by medicine men and women and natives of South America to treat asthma, liver problems, arthritis and heart disease. 

Listed in an internal memo at the National Cancer Institute in 1976, the Graviola tree and its healing powers would be unknown to the American public until the year 2000, after millions of lives had already been lost to cancer and to cancers greatest helper, chemotherapy. 

UPDATE: We (the Wellness Directory of Minnesota) were among the first to hear of Graviola, but the person who brought us this information was a bit too excited about it. Since then, we have learned from those herbalists studying it that the initial reports were wildly exaggerated. Yes, it does help to fight cancer, but it is not as powerful as originally reported.

We were told of over twenty laboratory studies showing Graviola to be  more powerful than Adriamycin, a commonly used chemotherapy. However, unlike Adriamycin which can make you very sick, knock out your hair, and even cause death (in some cases), Graviola does no collateral damage. There are no side effects. (HartAmerica Webmaster notes: There can be gastrointestinal upset at extremely high doses of say 5 grams or more.)

In laboratory studies, Graviola selectively hunts down and kills 12 different types of cancer cells (without harming healthy cells) including breast, prostate, lung, colon, and pancreatic cancer. Additionally, it actually boosts your immune system making the patient feel healthier and stronger and improves overall energy and outlook on life. 

We almost never heard of this because it was a Pharmaceutical company that did the all the studies, and when, after seven years of trying to synthesize the active agents in Graviola proved fruitless, THEY TRIED TO BURY THEIR RESEARCH.

The only reason we know about Graviola today is that an employee of this Pharmaceutical company broke the silence. One individual from among all others (the ones portrayed in commercials who supposedly want to stamp out disease because they have cousins and mothers and daughters too), one employee of a pharmaceutical company really wanted to cure a disease; he wanted to cure cancer. One person." [Emphasis added.]

NOTE: As one of graviola’s mechanisms of action is to deplete ATP energy to cancer cells, combining it with other supplements and natural products which increase or enhance cellular ATP may reduce the effect of graviola. The main timberland milano supplement which increases ATP is a common antioxidant called Coenzyme Q10 and for this reason, it should be avoided when taking graviola.  Metabolic therapies that have been reported to produce a positive effect [on ATP] also include other antioxidants such as ascorbic acid and vitamin E, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, vitamin K (phylloquinone and menadione), and carnitine.  So with Graviola therapy the above should be avoided.

REGALABS GRAVIOLA is grown and harvested from Brazil.

How to Use GRAVIOLA from Regalabs 650mg capsules:

  • based on traditional therapy, the suggested daily dosage is 6-8 capsules per day (3-4 twice a day).  Take with food.
  • As with any supplementation program, it is recommended that you consult your physician if you are currently taking medication.

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Consider adding it to the Graviola for enhanced possibilities/results.

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