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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are Transfer Factors?

Transfer Factor Bottle K9 Transfer Factor is a premier health supplement intended for dogs facing serious health threats.

Supplement Facts:  Serving size: One wafer per 20 lbs body weight per day.

Contains purified Transfer Factor derived from bovine colostrum and avian sources.  Also contains chicken and pork liver for flavors.  This supplement is used along with K9 Immunity™ to increase its bioavailability.


"Transfer Factors" are compounds produced in the body which are required for proper immune system functioning.  All mammals make these transfer factors, but often time in cancer the body's ability to manufacture sufficient Transfer Factors is impaired.  K9 Transfer Factor is a specially formulated canine grade supplement for use with K-9 Immunity™ for increasing immune function.  By itself, K9 Transfer Factor does not have much influence in the outcome of canine cancer.  But its real value is in the way it enhances the absorption and bioavailability of the immune modulators in the K-9 Immunity™.

Transfer Factors are a class of small protein molecules which bind to the heteropolysaccharides immune modulator compounds, and bridge the gap between the immune cell receptors moncler donna and the heteropolysaccharides.  When used along with the K-9 Immunity™, there is a synergistic effect greater than either product alone, and the overall efficacy is significantly enhanced.  While K9 Transfer Factor is not absolutely required, it is HIGHLY recommended along with K9 Immunity to give the dog the best chance of a positive response to the treatment.

What about the various "Human Grades" of transfer factor offered?

There are many brands of transfer factor products on the market from different manufacturers, both domestic and international.  Some of these are advertised as 'Human Grade' and some for canines.  While all of these will work with K9 Immunity, Aloha Medicinals has invested more than three years into the research and development of the ultimate canine grade Transfer Factor for maximum effectiveness.  While Aloha Medicinals has previously recommended Transfer Factor Plus by 4 Life Research, our new K9 Transfer Factor is more than twice as potent.  And it is in an easy to feed liver flavored wafer, containing the anti-cancer compounds IP6 and SOD in addition to the Transfer Factors for maximum effectiveness.

Does Aloha Medicinals manufacture the K9 Transfer Factor?

Yes.  After more than three years of research and development, Aloha Medicinals has finally perfected the most effective grade of Transfer Factors for use in dogs fighting cancer.  The transfer factors found in K9 Transfer Factor are derived from both bovine and avian sources. K9 Transfer Factor also contains optimum levels of IP6 and SOD to enhance the effectiveness of the transfer factors.

How many? Doses per 20 pounds Per bottle (+s&h) Total (+s&h) MSRP $59.95 each
Buy one 30 doses 49.95 49.95
Buy two 60 doses 45.75 91.50
Buy three 90 doses 42.50 127.50
Buy four 120 doses 39.00 156.00

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